"ZongoINCorporated ( ZINC ) focuses on immediate activities towards establishing the work outlined as theZBGproject. theZINC'BOD meets once-quarterly with ZINC'ChiefExecutive via VideoConferencing to streamline ongoing activities and lobbying. All ZINC'BOD-members have official-term of eleven ( 11 ) - months, and are obliged to be IDI'contract holders to theZBGproject."

theZBGproject analyses Zongo’s as Sanctuaries that have not been well managed and sustained, the project is structured from the ‘ground-up’ to inspire and directly uplift in-dwellers using sustainable ‘tools’, and working from that point towards ultimately restructuring entire Zongo-communities into SocioEconomic-Sanctuaries…

#1 TheDreamsProject. Capacity-building…
Our research establishes, that sustainability of theZBGproject lies within capacity development of indwellers towards ultimately having the knowledge and understanding to take over the project effectively, to achieve this, DreamBooklets are used to sample the dreams of Teenager’s between the Ages of Fourteen ( 14 ) / Sixteen ( 16 ) in Zongo’s under implementation. The DreamMa powers this implementation and is given the support to start an eatery within the community branded ‘ZoLafia’. ZoLafia is run as a Commercial Business, attracting customers from beyond theZongo as publicity is used to shape its reputation and purpose. The Zolafia’s service administration is from a selection of children who have shared their dreams, administered by indigenous-indwellers, these receive regular incomes from the establishment. Beyond this, all income from ZoLafia, beyond what is re-invested in growing and running the business, is invested towards propelling the collected dreams.

Project implementation action by DreamMa
Implementation will be coordinated by pupil-teachers, under leadership of the DreamMa within the community under authorization of Zongo’s traditional leadership. 

#2 TheKhamsinForce / Brigade. Natural resource-development…
In relation to development projects designed for unstable regions / communities, history educates implementations to necessarily invest research into personality types within region, and design principal economic establishments that are aligned to these personalitytypes. This ensures, mood swings that are potentially derailing in such communities, are shaped into being the structural framework and backbone of development. TheKhamsinForce, will start as a cadet force, grow into a brigade and then officially launch as theForce. Potential candidates will apply for KhamsinCadet training, undergo orientation over a period before actual training by seasoned professionals begin, cadets will be catered for in barracks with a well regimented administrative structure, not only for regimentation but for attitudinal growth as well.

In developing this solution in our project development, we spent a long time understanding the above before proceeding; sensitization will not be only with the cadets, but also with outer-dwellers who will be expected to invest into the services of the KhamsinCadet. Healthy branding, ranging from Attires, Transportation, MediaImageBuildingActivities and etc. the KhamsinForce / Brigade will be strategically communicated and positioned for general integration. Beyond this, all cadet training will be initiated with studies to inculcate philosophies designed to shape attitudes of cadets, both regards their trainings purpose, and the challenge of overcoming outer-dwellers attitudes and apprehensions. Relevance will be educated into them, why outer-dwellers are not to blame for their attitudes and apprehensions, and how this can be combated effectively, against all odds.

Project implementation action by BeeGee’s.
Attitudinal activities will be coordinated by DreamMa
Implementation will be coordinated by ProfessionalSecurityCorps within regions, with associations to various international SecurityAgencies. Attitudinal work by various social and non-governmental agencies.

#3 Clothn’TheSanctuary&Beyond. Fashionable-lifestyle development…
Working with independent-designers and Stitches / a BBI tailoring-production line plant, themes have been developed for SanctuariClothn’. Sanctuari is the tradename of ZongoWear, focusing on high-quality clothing for the community and the market beyond it. Sanctuari’s unique direct contribution to the traditional fashion-apparels of the community, will be design upgrade versions of such outfits as the traditional Head-covering/ the Long-robes etc. Sanctuari branded versions of these will be developed to make them desirable for not just Islamists but fashionista’s everywhere. The general SanctuariClothn’ line will cover Shirts ( Long & Short ), Tees, Underwear ( Tees, Panties, Boxers etc. ), Pants, Shorts and SeasonalAccessories;

All SanctuariClothn’ is unisex.

Project implementation action by BeeGee’s.
Clothn’ design and development activities by Sanctuari / Stitches
Strategic planning, lobbying and product-deployment by BeeGee’s. 

#4 BuildingTheSanctuary. Realestate-development…
The ultimate objective of the ZBGproject is to reface the aesthetic look and feel of each Zongo community, all other implementations prior to this are designed to develop a sustainable enabling environment for successfully reaching ZBGproject objectives, considering all obstacles and challenges currently in place. Real-estate development of any kind is seriously commercial business. This development of the Zongo communities real-estate will be treated likewise, focus on bringing sustainable wealth to each land&home-owner within the community.

Earthxotica has been part of researching the communities, since the conceptualization of theZBGproject, towards forming effective and applicable implementation strategies, founded on the attitudinal needs and approach of the indwellers. Each Zongo is filled with unique individuals, all of whom belong to one family circle or other, and each family circle has a piece of land to dwell on as a home. The Earthxotica approach will provide home development contracts to each family in turn, the implementation expects many hold-ups, especially by individual family groups, the strategy will employ the understanding of the chiefs, elders and council members of the communities to lobby on behalf of the project and its ultimate advantages, using select BeeGee’s highly respected within the communities. Our psychological analysis of the indwellers point in one direction, amongst the mass of residents will be a few more accessible to communication and prone to change. These will be sorted and targeted for starter implementation, these developments and the associate incomes to beneficiaries, is expected to give rise to interest and ultimately oil the way for smooth overall implementation. The development of each property is not restricted to the home, but involves adding value for potential estate management activity, leading to incomes and sustainable employment, directly and indirectly. These are clearly communicated in the Earthxotica development contracts. Generally, each community’s real-estate development will start with a Health-center, followed by a centralized Library with game-courts and possibly a swimming pool and an Accentz&Art fabrication Garden. These development will provide employment, education and training directly and indirectly, and are expected to stand as ensigns to the community when finally, family circles are approached…

Project implementation action by BeeGee’s,
real-estate developments administration by Earthxotica&Associates…
Implementation coordinated by professional EarthxoticaPropertyManagers, in association with various agencies and institutions. Lobbying&sensitization activities led, coordinated by BeeGee’s. 

ZongoIncorporated [ Z I N C ]
is the fully-Commercial ZBG-Administration organization. Focus on establishment of all relevant-project-businesses to sustainable-incomes, all incomes invested by relevant-professionals via a ZBG-mutual-fund for project SustainableGrowth&Development.

( ZINC™ is completely owned by PhiCoOperationInvestment-division’ theZBGproject is CopyrightIntellectual-property of PhiCoOperationAdministration… Foundation-department-UnitedInFreedom ( UIF )

Each Zongo under implementation is coordinated by a team of Seven ( 7 ) BG’s ( BeeGee’s ) These provide a ‘rooted’ connection to the ZongoCommunity under the umbrella of the projects-above, One of the Seven ( 7 ) BeeGee’s is appointmented DreamMa, all together working under SOO* Community-members with work to offer, operate officially as Volunteers- *SanctuariOperationsOfficer

All current meetings and lobbying primarily focused on securing FinancialInclusion on the budgets of Governments and InternationalAgencies ie. UN ( DP ) / DFID / UKAID / USAID etc. Simultaneous work ongoing with PalmPlazaSLS ( SmallLoanScheme ) targetted at profiling, standardizing and providing re-capitalization to home-enterprises within all ZongoSanctuaries.